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We all change. We all evolve as human beings, and so does the work we do. Artists are certainly no exception.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a paintbrush in my hand, and ideas in my head...and notions of how those ideas would translate onto canvas or paper. Sometimes these attempts were successful, other times not so much. Such is life.

It is interesting that through trial and error, different techniques, and emotions of the day, my approach to painting has changed. Early in my art career, I painted in a style that I thought I was SUPPOSED to paint. Loading my brush with lots of paint, using bold colors and bold strokes, I aspired to please my audience instead of following my intuition to lead the way.

Well, here I am... older, hopefully wiser, and more certain of myself and the process I rely on to help me find my way. Today, my work is calming, with a muted color palette...all reflective of my inner journey that brought me here.

Circa 1987

see the difference?


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