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Through the Trees

It’s no secret that my biggest inspiration comes from nature. Whether the shape of leaves, the light of the day, or the colors of the natural world, I am in awe of it all, and try my best to capture it on my canvas.

In my typical work, I use many layers of transparent paints. Adding layers, then wiping away some is what gives my work a delicate feel. In some of my latest pieces, I do use that technique of adding , and then taking away, but with a more loaded paint brush! Layers of opaque paint covering areas I want eliminated, then adding more with that same level of texture offers movement, interest and depth.

I call these my “Through the Trees” series of work because I want to give my viewer the unique perspective of looking towards the sky, through the trees. I want the viewer to observe the life , details and secrets that trees hold as one is looking towards the heavens.

I hope y’all can see my love of nature in these pieces.



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