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Commissioning Art Is Fun, I Promise!

So, you've created a space in your home or office that could use some original art, and you've found the perfect artist to fulfill that vision! Now what?

Commissioning artwork can be intimidating for sure, but, I promise, it needn't be. It's a fun collaboration between client and artist, and most of the time, can turn into a lifelong friendship.

First, get in touch with the artist. Most artists accept commission work, given they are accepting custom orders at that time. It's important that clients have an idea as to size, palette and composition of their piece. (I usually refer my clients to my Instagram to get ideas of what they really like). It's also helpful if clients can provide photos of where their art will hang, so the artist can have an idea of their style and aesthetic.

After all the details are settled, clients usually receive a price quote and a time frame for completion. Happy with the plan thus far? All the details worked out? Time to get going! Some artists have contracts, some don't...most require deposits. Deposits allow the artist to gather materials needed to create your artwork, and also lets the artist know their client is invested in the collaboration. After an artist has started, they typically keep in touch with their client during the creative process by sending photos of the work in progress. Being able to see the different stages of progression is helpful to the artist and client, and makes for a smooth and timely project.

A commissioned piece of art is special in that it allows clients to be a part of the creative process, and to own this original, bespoke piece of art that makes their space uniquely theirs! MAG


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