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Images of my Dreams

A question I’m often asked is how I came about with the process in which I create my art.

When I decided to pursue being an artist full time, I truly dedicated myself to the process of creating. Taking notes for what worked, and what did not. For a while, I methodically wrote down every step, every paint recipe, and every glazing potion. I did this in hopes that what I dreamed up in my mind could somehow be translated on to paper and canvas.

It took me two years of trial and error... yes, two years, to finally feel secure in my process so that I could offer a consistent style of painting, and have it sincerely reflect who I was. Transparent glazes of inks, acrylics and oils, all layered to create light and depth, have allowed me to create whisper-y images of the natural world that I so love.

I am so happy I stuck with those dreamed-up images, and even more happy that I am able to share them with you! XO


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