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My First Post, Y'all

I'd like to wish a warm welcome to all my visitors on my website...especially as I attempt my first official blog post. So, first things first!

My name is Melissa Abide Griffith, and I am an artist, which is safe to assume, y'all already knew. I've been in love with art and anything creative for as long as I can remember. For me, it was never really about the finished piece, but always about the creative process that pulled me in, and kept me coming back for more. It is something that I MUST do, and I think that other artists can attest to this too. It truly is who I am, deep down in my core, and I feel such gratitude that I am able to do something that I love so much. I guess it's what many call 'following your passion.'

As I become more comfortable with adding "blogger" to my repertoire, I'll include other artsy-fartsy stuff as well.

Stay tuned...this is just the beginning!

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